Meet Bryce

I am Bryce.  And I am a pastor.  I have had the good fortune to be invited to share God's love, study God's word and work with God's people as a full time work.  And I count that a distinct privledge.I was born in the States, and moved to Canada when I married my wife Emily in 2014.  I grew up in Northeast Ohio, but have lived and worked many places around the United States through school and travel in general.  My last congregational posting was in Tucson, Arizona where I served Shalom Mennonite Fellowship.I enjoy big questions and good conversations.  Whether in good fun or quite serious, talking about what matters is one of the best ministries we can do for one another.  At our core, we all want to be heard.  Jesus calls us time and again to listen.  To listen to his voice, to listen for the will of God, to listen to those whose voices are so often drowned out and left unheard.  This sounds quite heavy and